From our Club President:

This is a placeholder and sample message from our Club president.  It contains a HEADER or TITLE of the message, the body of the person’s words/message and a “primary image”.  In this case, I would expect the primary image to be a photo of the club president or, some sort of photo that corresponds with the message text.  This message is being written as a BLOG POST assigned to a category called HOMEPAGE.  On the HOMEPAGE we will put a widget to display BLOG POSTS of the category HOMEPAGE only. 

When the president’s message changes, we add a new blog post and assign it to the HOMEPAGE category.  The widget will then display ONLY those blog posts of the category = HOMEPAGE.   So, if there is more than 1 blog post of category = HOMEPAGE, then all posts in that category will be displayed.

It is possible that there is so much text that the reader will need to select an option to read the text.  This is called MORE.  It depends upon how long the message text is.  Should all the text be displayed or, in the case of the president’s message on the home page, we should show the message in its entirety.